The Cemetery Division of the Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the care and upkeep of the 38-acre Elmwood Cemetery located at 12th and Poplar. The Cemetery Division sells lots, opens and closes all interments, and assists in the set-up of services. Additionally, the division opens and closes all interments for St. John's Catholic Cemetery.

Cemetery Fees:

  • Standard Burial (Opening and Closing): $400
  • Burials after hours, holidays & weekends: additional $150.00
  • Infant Burial: $100
  • Cremation under 24" x 24": $150
  • Cremation over 24" x 24": $200
  • Grave Spaces: $300
  • Veteran & Spouse Grave Spaces in Soldier Square: $0

Cemetery Rule:

Temporary wreaths, flowers, Shepard hooks and other items at the memorial, not in a permanent sturcture, will be removed the first of April and 10 days after Memorial Day.


If you need assistance in locating or purchasing lots, or in setting up any other cemetery services please call the Parks & Recreation office at (785) 738-2270.  You may also visit the document center by visiting to see a listing of the identified and known graves at the cemetery.  A corresponsing map is available at a kiosk located near the cemetery entrance.  Please note that this listing is not final and should be considered a best effort attempt at identifying and locating graves. The list will be updated as we indentify additional grave sites.  

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