City of Beloit Refuse Collection


City of Beloit Refuse Collection

The City Beloit has contracted with Hiserote Trash Service for residential refuse pickup starting Jan. 1, 2017.

1) Collection will be made once a week and will follow the following schedule:
Wednesday Beloit South of 8TH and West of Campbell, North of 8TH
Thursday Beloit South of 8TH and East of Campbell

2) The following schedule will apply to holidays if your trash day falls on that holiday:
 Wednesday routes will be picked up the day before on Tuesdays.
 Thursday routes will be picked up the day after on Fridays.

3) No collections will begin before 7:30 a.m.  Collection will be at the curb or street side in most instances.  There are a few places in Beloit where the trash is collected in the alley. Please check with your neighbors for pickup location.

4) Complaints or questions regarding trash service should be directed to Hiserote Trash Service:

Jamie Hiserote (785) 534-9680

5)  The cost of refuse collection and disposal will be entirely supported by user fees. No tax money will be involved. The                                 amount of this fee will be provided by City Ordinance.

Responsibilities of the resident include:

1) All residential household waste will be collected.  All refuse may be placed together.

2) Yard waste (branches, leaves, grass clippings), rocks, concrete, dirt and building materials are not considered household waste. 

3) Trash is to be bagged, boxed, or placed in trash receptacles.  The number, type, and size of trash cans will be at the preference of the resident. Hiserote’s does ask that trash containers have some type of handle(s) on them.

4) Upon request, residents unable to place trash at the curb or alley due to mobile disability can contact Hiserote’s prior to their pickup date for assistance with trash retrieval from a predetermined specified location. 

5)  Those residents who forgot, were late putting trash out, or who produced more trash than normal in a given week and would require a special pickup(s) should contact Hiserote’s directly to schedule pickup.  This service will be provided at no extra charge as long as it does not become a recurring habit for any one residential household.

6) Tires and batteries will not be collected with residential trash. They can be disposed of at the Mitchell County landfill. There is no charge for batteries; however, the county does charge for tire disposal.  It is best to leave used tires with the dealer.

7) Used oil will not be collected with residential trash. There is a used oil collection barrel at the Mitchell County landfill for disposal, there is no charge for this.

8) House remodeling materials are not considered household waste. The Mitchell County landfill does charge for construction material disposal.

9) Burning refuse is prohibited by City Ordinance, except in an incinerator specifically constructed for such purposes    and approved by the State Board of Health.

Additional Services offered by Hiserote Trash Service:

These services will include a separate billing from Hiserote Trash Service.  Prices and terms of these services are to be negotiated between the resident and the hauler.  Billing and payment collection for these additional services will be provided by Hiserote’s and not the City of Beloit.

• Hiserote Trash Services offers 96 gal poly cart on wheels for rental, if you wish to contract this additional service, contact Jamie Hiserote at 785-534-9680 for more details.  This service will not be included on your city bill; it will be a separate billing from Hiserote Trash Service.

• Removal of wood, metal, furniture, appliances, limbs, and yard waste.  Charges will be based on the amount of material to be removed.

• Dumpsters can be provided to those who prefer them over trash cans for regular weekly service, an additional charge will apply.  An accomodating location with easy access must be provided for dumpster service.

• Dumpster can be provided for cleanups, demolitions or construction projects.  An additional fee will apply.

Mitchell County Solid Waste (Landfill)

The landfill hours are as follows:
    Monday – Friday 8:00 to 4:30 and Saturday 8:00 to 3:30
    Closed on Sundays
    Phone number is 738 3880

If you have any questions in regard to where to dump anything at the landfill, it is best to ask the operator first. Also it is helpful to have your metal, trash, etc. separated before arriving at the landfill. This will help the operator in maintaining an organized landfill.

Traditional Recycling

There are two options for traditional recycling of cans, plastics, cardboard, and paper in the City of Beloit.  Some restrictions may apply and each facility has their own requirements to participate.

  For free drop off:
   Mitchell County Recycling Center
1300 N Walnut Street, Beloit, KS
OPEN 1ST AND 3RD Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
   Operated by OCCK, Inc. (non-profit organization)

  For pickup (cost will be billed separately from the provider):
    Dunstan Trucking, LLC   Eric: 785-738-8275 Tyler: 785-738-8273 
         Todd: 785-738-8274

E-Waste Recycling

Rev-E3 is new locally based business focused on recycling electronic devices.  Devices being accepted included: computers, monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, all types of phones, rechargeable batteries, stereos, networking equipment, etc.  Call to schedule an appointment.  ($20 charge for CRT monitors or old tube Televisions)
  REV-E3   Contact Us 
  200 W. 2nd St.  Tony:  785-534-3054
  Beloit, KS  67420 Lee:   785-534-2677


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