Rent a Facility


Chautauqua Shelter House

20’ x 100’


Electrical Outlets

Grill and picnic tables available

Near Chautauqua Pool, playground equipment, and restrooms

Can reserve (no more than a year in advance) at no cost


Chautauqua Gazebo

Limestone 28’ x 36’ area

Covered gazebo within that area

Near Chautauqua Pool, playground equipment and restrooms

Rental – $25.00


White Building

48’ x 34’

Picnic tables, refrigerator, sink, counter space

Access to restroom

Near Chautauqua Pool and playground equipment

Heated but no AC

Rental - $50.00; deposit $50.00


Municipal Gym

Full basketball court, bleacher area and stage

Access to restrooms

On request: speaker system, chairs and floor tiles

Rental – depending on use; deposit $100.00


Trail Room (basement of Municipal building)

17’ x 57’

Accessed by stairs or elevator

Restroom accessible upstairs

6’ tables, chairs available and screen

Possible access to kitchen

Rental - depending on use; Deposit - $50.00


Sutter Room (basement of Municipal building)  

46’ x 95’

8’ tables and chairs

Access to restroom

Possible access to kitchen

Accessed by stairs (inside and out), elevator and freight elevator

Rental – depending on use; Deposit - $100.00

  Kansas Beloit

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