The Electric Utility Department is divided into two divisions:

  • Plant Division
  • Systems Division

The Electric Utility is an enterprise fund whose intent it is to provide reliable electricity, at the lowest possible cost, to customers and to pay for the costs of providing these services through user charges.


The City's electricity can be entirely purchased from several sources or entirely generated, which gives the City outstanding reliability and diversity. The City is a founding member of Energy Management Project Number 2 (EMP2), and is under the umbrella of Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA) services and the electrical needs of the EMP2 members are scheduled by Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation, which allows us to have the lowest electrical rates possible.

Day-to-Day Functions

Overseeing the day-to-day functions of the Electric Utility is the responsibility of the Director of Electric Operations.

Five full-time employees, including one foreman and four journey operators, ensure the production of power during peak demands, provide routine preventative maintenance, makes repairs to the Electric Plant, and repairs and maintains the various pieces of equipment associated with electric generators. In addition, their responsibilities include the recording and monitoring of all electric generation equipment. The Plant is capable of producing a peak capacity of 16,600 kilowatts with seven dual fuel (natural gas or diesel) engines.


The responsibilities of the Electric System Division fall on five full time employees, including one foreman, two journey linemen, two linemen, and one meter reader. The linemen are well trained with a four year Apprenticeship program. They provide the daily maintenance and repair necessary to properly operate the system of over 63 miles of primary electrical lines, 500 street lights, 2,000 electric meters and 2 electrical substations. This crew is also responsible for installing new power lines (above ground and underground), and providing preventive maintenance to all electric lines within the system. The City is part of a "Mutual Aid Program" which allows the City to bring in a lot of trained help, from all over the State, if needed for storm or other emergency replacement and repairs.

Transmission Line

In 2001, the Utility completed the construction of a new 115 kilovolt (kV) substation and 34.5 kV transmission line to Beloit.

Beloit Solar Farm

The City of Beloit partnered with Priority Power to build the Beloit Solar Farm that produces 2MW of clean, renewable, reliable electric power to the City of Beloit.  Official opening was June of 2022 and adds to the city's power portfolio to help meet peak demands for customers at a more affordable rate.

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