Additional Services

These services will include a separate billing from Hiserote Trash Service. Prices and terms of these services are to be negotiated between the resident and the hauler. Billing and payment collection for these additional services will be provided by Hiserote's and not the City of Beloit.

Additional Services offered by Hiserote Trash Service:

  • Hiserote Trash Services offers 96 gallon poly cart on wheels for rental, if you wish to contract this additional service, contact Jamie Hiserote at 785-534-9680 for more details. This service will not be included on your city bill; it will be a separate billing from Hiserote Trash Service.
  • Removal of wood, metal, furniture, appliances, limbs, and yard waste. Charges will be based on the amount of material to be removed.
  • Dumpsters can be provided to those who prefer them over trash cans for regular weekly service, an additional charge will apply. An accommodating location with easy access must be provided for dumpster service.
  • Dumpster can be provided for cleanups, demolitions or construction projects. An additional fee will apply.